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Roof Insulation

Roof insulation in Singapore is crucial, especially in countries where the weather changes rapidly. We all understand how the heat can be pretty harsh during summertime and how the occasional short rainfall can aggravate the heat further rather than cool it off. Insulation helps deal with these things and more, especially in Singapore.

If you are particularly looking for options when it comes to insulation types, there are a ton to choose from. While they might differ in material, they all do a great job of protecting our homes from heat or cold by balancing out the temperature, making things easier for homeowners in the process. 

Insulation is an essential part of roofing, and if you are considering a re-working of your roofs, then you should also consider getting roof insulation. While the temperature outside and inside of our homes are out of our control, we can do the next best thing and have something that can regulate the temperature for us. 

How Roof Insulation Works

Insulation works under the premise that heat tends to flow towards cooler areas. This tendency to go to cooler areas attracts heat inside your home when it’s hot outside and cold inside your homes. When it’s cold out, the heat inside your home tends to go to cooler areas; that’s why it also becomes cold inside the house.

Understanding how heat reacts to its environment is also the key to understanding roof insulation. Since we now know that heat tends to go to cooler areas, there must be something that can prevent it from going into our house when it’s hot outside and retain the heat inside when it’s cold outside. That’s where roof insulation comes in.

Creating a barrier that reflects the heat away from our homes when it’s hot and having a wall inside that traps the heat within the structure when it’s cold is essentially the premise that guides insulation.

Reflective Roof Insulation and Bulk Insulation

The first example is called reflective insulation. This type of insulation is installed right below your roof, and it is typically a layer of reflective foil that essentially absorbs the heat and lessens its effect below. Roofing materials tend to absorb heat reasonably quickly; that’s why having a reflective material below is ideal to minimise the heat going in.

The second example is called bulk insulation. This type of insulation uses materials like polyester, wool, and polystyrene panels to prevent heat or trap them, depending on the temperature outside. Bulk insulation is usually placed between the panels on your attic, where it regulates the heat.

While these two types of roof insulation are different from one another, there is the option to have them both installed in your home for maximum heat protection or retention. If you are situated in a particularly hot area in Singapore, you can have both types of insulation installed along with your roofing.

Let Alpha Builders Handle Your Roof Insulation Needs

Roof insulation is absolutely essential, especially in countries that experience sudden weather changes, like Singapore. You can trust that your home is well protected when you have sturdy insulation, be it from the extreme heat or the cold temperatures brought on by typhoons. 

We at Alpha Builders specialize in anything related to roofing and waterproofing, and we assure you that we can provide efficient solutions for these needs. Established in 2015, Alpha Builders have the right tools and ample experience to ensure that each roofing and waterproofing job is highly successful. 


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Client Reviews

We know that our clients are our lifeblood and Alpha Builders repay their loyalty by giving our projects our best. From roofing to repair, and waterproofing, we make sure that all their needs are covered, and our work is evidenced by these clients:

“Hiring Alpha Builders is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was sure that the damage sustained by my roof meant a total overhaul, but they’ve managed to repair my roof and make it as good as new!”
John Tan
“I wasn’t sure that what I had in mind is what I was going to get, but when the consultants from Alpha Builders showed me their vision, I was absolutely delighted that they took my tastes into consideration.”
Clarence Koh
“The first thing that I have noticed right off the bat is how efficient their whole process is. Alpha Builders really does as advertised, and more! You can see that they really pour their all into their projects, and I now get to enjoy their quality work.”
Yeo Chee Seng
“Being a busy man, I never thought that I could fit the waterproofing service into my schedule, but I was happy to find out that Alpha Builders adjusts their schedule to match mine. Now, my house is protected, and I didn’t have to leave work for it!”
Steven Chong
“Having spent some time working with construction companies before, I am very particular when it comes to small details regarding projects done in my home. I must say, I am very impressed with how Alpha Builders do their job, and I think I know who to call if I have new projects in mind.”
Amanda Chua
“I love how Alpha Builders take their time to cater to what I want to see in my house. They were with me every step of the way, and the whole process was effortless because of how friendly they were and how easy it was to communicate with them.”
Joanna Lee

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