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Roof Waterproofing

Our roofs are specifically built to withstand the elements, and one of the elements it helps protect us from is rain. It’s no secret that rainwater or puddles on our roofs can damage the roofing over time, which translates to extra expenses. Roof waterproofing strives to eliminate these problems by offering an extra layer of protection for our roofs. 

This particular feature is beneficial in countries like Singapore, where the roofing is expected to withstand rapidly changing weather. Singapore is a country that gets hit with rain 167 days a year; that’s why waterproofing is of utmost importance. 

Making our roofs waterproof doesn’t just involve a single component to make it work; it consists of many parts. When these individual parts are correctly installed, the synergy creates the ideal waterproofing scenario. 

Different parts like the gutter, flashing, and the base sheet makes up the waterproofing process. How efficiently these individual parts interact with one another will ultimately dictate how effective the waterproofing is. 

Vital Elements of Roof Waterproofing 

As discussed earlier, waterproofing involves different parts or elements to function correctly. These elements need to do their part properly to contribute to the whole process, which is why proper installation also plays a huge part. 

While these elements cannot function independently, since they are essentially just pieces that make up a roof, they do a great job of deflecting water and protecting your homes when put together. 

Since waterproofing is basically a process and not about a particular product or part, it relies upon the roofing elements that make up the whole. These elements are: 

1. Roofing Base Sheet

A base sheet is what serves as the foundation for the whole structure. This part is made up of waterproof and durable materials like polyester or fibreglass. It is usually topped off with a bitumen asphalt membrane placed on the uppermost layer to reinforce its waterproofing capability. 

2. Underlayment

Roofing underlayment


Roofing underlayment is the layer that rests between the roof shingles and the roof deck. This layer is responsible for absorbing the moisture and the water that sneaks through the shingles, and it is also responsible for protecting the layers below it. 

Customers can pick between felt and synthetic material on which underlayment material to use. Felt is made out of wool and various fibres and can serve as a good waterproofing material because of its absorbent nature. Synthetic underlayment is made out of different polymers and can just as equally repel water from its surface. However, this material is more costly compared to felt. 

3. Flashing

Roof flashing


Roof flashings are basically parts that cover vulnerable areas of your roof. For roofs with chimneys or conjoined sections, there are usually spots where the water can seep in between these two parts, and that’s where roof flashings come in. 

Flashings are usually made up of corrosion-resistant galvanised steel, but there have been different materials for it, like plastic, over the years. Aside from protecting the vulnerable sections of our roofs, these things also allow water to flow more freely on the roof’s surface and not seep between the cracks. 

4. Gutter

Corrugated roof with gutter


The gutter is the final piece that completes the whole waterproofing process. This part drains all the water flowing down from the different parts of the roof, giving them a general direction. Without gutters, water will flow on every side of the roof without a set path to go, creating a messy environment. 

Gutters are basically similar to flashings in many ways, but their positioning sets them apart from flashings. Gutters can be found directly on the foot of the roof, which makes them responsible for draining the water that comes from the top. They also serve as the final destination for the water before being directly sent to the drain. 

Let Alpha Builders Handle Your Roof Waterproofing Needs

Waterproofing is a process that relies on synergy and accuracy, so when the different parts involved cannot do their jobs well, the house will feel its effects. That said, proper placement and installation are crucial to getting the most out of your setup. 

We know that our clients are our lifeblood and Alpha Builders repay their loyalty by giving our projects our best. From roofing to repair, and waterproofing, we make sure that all their needs are covered, and our work is evidenced by these clients:

“Hiring Alpha Builders is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was sure that the damage sustained by my roof meant a total overhaul, but they’ve managed to repair my roof and make it as good as new!”
John Tan
“I wasn’t sure that what I had in mind is what I was going to get, but when the consultants from Alpha Builders showed me their vision, I was absolutely delighted that they took my tastes into consideration.”
Clarence Koh
“The first thing that I have noticed right off the bat is how efficient their whole process is. Alpha Builders really does as advertised, and more! You can see that they really pour their all into their projects, and I now get to enjoy their quality work.”
Yeo Chee Seng
“Being a busy man, I never thought that I could fit the waterproofing service into my schedule, but I was happy to find out that Alpha Builders adjusts their schedule to match mine. Now, my house is protected, and I didn’t have to leave work for it!”
Steven Chong
“Having spent some time working with construction companies before, I am very particular when it comes to small details regarding projects done in my home. I must say, I am very impressed with how Alpha Builders do their job, and I think I know who to call if I have new projects in mind.”
Amanda Chua
“I love how Alpha Builders take their time to cater to what I want to see in my house. They were with me every step of the way, and the whole process was effortless because of how friendly they were and how easy it was to communicate with them.”
Joanna Lee

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