Roof Maintenance

As the maintenance for your roof is an important preventive measure. Alpha Builders can help address any issues to avoid potential hazards.

Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial in just about anything that we own. As time goes by, even the toughest materials suffer damage due to a wide variety of factors like dirt, the quality of materials, the frequency of usage, weather, and many more. The same principle applies to our roofs, especially since they are exposed to different elements outside. 

Roof maintenance is crucial in just about any home since even though we cannot see the state of our roof constantly, we are bound to suffer the consequences if they are not properly maintained. 

Due to weather changes or unforeseen factors such as lightning strikes or relatively large debris carried by typhoons, our roofs can get damaged. It can also lead to severe problems down the line, like leaks or sections of the roof being blown out entirely. 

On a smaller scale, tiny cracks, curls, or deformities on the surface of your roof could form into larger ones if not maintained properly, which is why it’s better to nip these problems in the bud by enlisting the help of trusted roofing contractors such as Alpha Builders. 


Roof Installation

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Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

They say prevention is better than cure, and by performing roof maintenance, that is certainly what you are doing. While the most advisable thing to do is get help from professional roofing contractors, knowing what to look out for and how to perform preventative measures can stop these damages from worsening. 

Here are some of the most effective roof maintenance tips for homeowners:

The best way to determine whether there are problem areas on your roof is to do a quick visual inspection. This process involves getting up close to your roof and looking for irregularities in its design. Ideally, your roof should be uniform, and there should be no parts sticking out or chipped, so when some parts exhibit these things, a roof repair might be in order. 

Damages can take different forms, and it might be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. With that being said, here are the telltale signs of roof damage: 

  • Missing shingles or slates
  • Cracked areas 
  • Curled shingles
  • Moss formation
  • Corroded appearance

Any one of these signs can indicate that something is amiss and that you might need to contact your trusted roof building company like Alpha Builders for repairs. 


Leak spots on your ceilings usually point to damage to your roof. If there’s even a tiny crack on your roof, water can seep into those cracks and damage your ceilings. This problem poses even more of a threat when you have an attic since the things stored in your attic can also be damaged by the water. 

Another thing you should be concerned about is that small cracks don’t usually stay small: they get larger over time. Roof materials tend to get brittle over time due to weather changes, and the more brittle they get, the more fragile they become. 

Looking for leak spots is one of the crucial steps in roof maintenance because it allows you to take preventative measures against these damages. Once you determine a leak, we at Alpha Builders can take care of it for you, and you can rest assured that your roof will stay leak-free for a long time. 

Just as you would clean the interior area of your house or the entirety of your car to prevent dirt and gunk from building up, you should give your roof a thorough cleaning from time to time to avoid the same things from building up and causing major problems down the line. 

Cleaning isn’t just an integral part of roof maintenance; cleaning is essential if you want to keep anything you own in tip-top shape. Dirt might not look much in small batches, but over time, they pile up and they can cause severe damage. But for something as serious as the damage they can cause, a simple cleaning goes a long way in preventing these things from happening. 

Alternatively, you can employ the aid of Alpha Builders in cleaning your roof. Our roof builders are not only well versed in building and repairing your roof, but they are also trained in roof maintenance. If you don’t have time to clean your roof, do yourselves a favour and call Alpha Builders to do it for you. 

While trees do a great job of offering additional shade from the sun, their branches can damage your roof. A strong gust of wind can bring these branches and other hard debris down, which can cause small cracks to form on your roof. 

To prevent this from happening, you can give the tree branches hanging over your roof some trim, so you won’t have to worry about harmful branches falling onto your roof. While this method does not necessarily directly involve your roof, trimming can still significantly impact roof maintenance since you’re protecting your roof by doing this. 

There is also the option to let our roof contractors over at Alpha Builders handle the job. With the proper tools and know-how, we can quickly get rid of these harmful branches, protecting your roof in the process. 

When you give the surface of your roof a good cleaning, you should never forget that the gutters also need cleaning. Cleaning the surface and the gutter is a sign of good roof maintenance since you practically have all the bases covered by doing so. 

Gutters are vital because they serve as the drainage system of our roof, and it is here where rainwater that pours onto the roof passes through instead of just spilling on the sides of our home. Unfortunately, this part of the roof is also where a wide variety of dirt and debris build up; that’s why it is essential to clean them regularly. 

When cleaning gutters, trust that Alpha Builders can get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible. With our knowledge and our state-of-the-art tools, we will make sure that your gutters will never be clogged or filled with dirt. 

Let Alpha Builders Take Care of Your Roof Maintenance

Doing the roof maintenance yourselves is good; it is your home, after all. But if you want to give your roof a professional touch, then Alpha Builders is here to do just that. Our roof builders aren’t just knowledgeable about building roofs that would stand the test of time; they also know how to maintain them. 

Additionally, we have the proper equipment for the job, and we can save you the trouble of having to buy, rent, or borrow these pieces of equipment for your roof maintenance needs. Our dedication to the craft also goes beyond just doing our job; we aim to teach you tips and tricks for roof maintenance along the way, which you can use for future issues you might encounter. 

Let Alpha Builders handle your roof maintenance concerns for you, and you’ll find that your roofs will be durable and long-lasting. 

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Here’s What Our Client Say About Us

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Anna Patricia

Manager of Finance Consultant

We know that our clients are our lifeblood and Alpha Builders repay their loyalty by giving our projects our best. From roofing to repair, and waterproofing, we make sure that all their needs are covered, and our work is evidenced by these clients:

“Hiring Alpha Builders is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was sure that the damage sustained by my roof meant a total overhaul, but they’ve managed to repair my roof and make it as good as new!”
John Tan
“I wasn’t sure that what I had in mind is what I was going to get, but when the consultants from Alpha Builders showed me their vision, I was absolutely delighted that they took my tastes into consideration.”
Clarence Koh
“The first thing that I have noticed right off the bat is how efficient their whole process is. Alpha Builders really does as advertised, and more! You can see that they really pour their all into their projects, and I now get to enjoy their quality work.”
Yeo Chee Seng
“Being a busy man, I never thought that I could fit the waterproofing service into my schedule, but I was happy to find out that Alpha Builders adjusts their schedule to match mine. Now, my house is protected, and I didn’t have to leave work for it!”
Steven Chong
“Having spent some time working with construction companies before, I am very particular when it comes to small details regarding projects done in my home. I must say, I am very impressed with how Alpha Builders do their job, and I think I know who to call if I have new projects in mind.”
Eunice Chua
“I love how Alpha Builders take their time to cater to what I want to see in my house. They were with me every step of the way, and the whole process was effortless because of how friendly they were and how easy it was to communicate with them.”
Joanna Lee

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