Professional & Reliable Pu Injection Grouting

Pu Injection Grouting

Pu injection grouting, also known as grouting waterproofing, is a method that utilises polyurethane and injects it into the cracks formed within walls. In some cases, the cracks we see on the surface are just small parts of a larger problem, which usually means that more significant gaps can be found beneath the surface of the walls. 

If the cracks beneath the surface are not addressed immediately, the damage can spread, affecting other areas of your home like electrical lines or plumbing. The best thing about polyurethane is that it repels water, which we all know is one of the main culprits for these types of damages. 

This hydrophobic quality of polyurethane helps keep moisture out of the walls and other surfaces and helps bolster their durability. This quality is also beneficial in countries like Singapore since the weather is humid, and moisture can form on different surfaces without us noticing it. 


While our walls or different surfaces are built to last, there is still a life expectancy for these things, and humidity can even help speed up the deterioration process if not prevented. But if things are already too late, and there are visible cracks on the walls, a Pu grouting is definitely in order. 

Advantages of Pu Injection Grouting Waterproofing


Easy to Install

One of the best qualities of polyurethane is that it hardens quickly. Because of this quick hardening, work should also be done quickly. Once the process starts and the material is pumped into the problem areas, you only have 2-24 hours to wait before it dries up completely.



The traditional method of fixing cracks used to be hacking away at the damaged area or completely tearing it down for a new one, but with grouting waterproofing, the need for that has been eliminated. Hacking costs a lot and can even be a health hazard, so having a repair option like this is more than welcome.


Weather Resistant

It’s no secret that the weather can change rapidly in Singapore, and these constant weather changes can definitely damage the structure of your home or building. With grouting waterproofing, you can lay those concerns to rest.

Polyurethane is a material that can easily withstand different weather conditions, so whether you’re facing extreme heat or cold, you can trust that previously damaged areas in your home won’t be damaged again.


Highly Durable

Aside from its weather-resistant capabilities, this material is also highly durable against bumps, scrapes, and, more importantly, cracks. Boasting a finish closer to cement in terms of appearance, it’s just as long-lasting, if not more durable, than cement. Polyurethane is also resistant to different chemicals, which can be potentially damaging to the surface.

Pu Injection Grouting Process


As with any installation process, cleaning is the most crucial step because it ensures that nothing will get in the way of the thing you’re looking to install. Cleaning also helps installers get a feel for the extent of the damage when probing the area, so it’s always a good idea to initially clean the surface area. 


Since cracks don’t just rest on the surface, drilling these surfaces should be done to get to the possible hairline cracks beneath. Hairline cracks are small gaps brought about by moisture or earthquakes that can lead to larger ones if not addressed immediately. 

This is also where grouting nozzles are inserted into the holes. These nozzles will allow the installers to perform additional actions such as seam cleaning and the most crucial step, putting in the grout. 

Seam Cleaning

The initial cleaning just covers the damaged parts’ surface area, but seam cleaning goes much deeper by going for the cracks themselves. The nozzles inserted into the drilled holes introduce high-pressure water into the cracks, ensuring that the gaps are clean and ready for grouting. 

Sealing and Grouting

After the seam cleaning process, the cracks are sealed with a waterproof material in preparation for the grouting process. Polyurethane tends to leak out of unsealed holes; that’s why every spot must be clogged except for locations of the nozzles. 

Once everything is secure, the grouting process can begin. Polyurethane is introduced into the drilled holes, allowing them to seep into the cracks. As mentioned earlier, polyurethane dries up fairly quickly, so the process needs to be just as quick. 

Final Seal and Waterproofing

Once grouting is done and the installers have confirmed that there are no leaks, the nozzles are removed, and the last layer of the seal is applied. Once the cement-based waterproof seal is used, the waterproof solution is added to the surface, ensuring complete protection of the repaired area. 

Let Alpha Builders Take Care of Your Pu Injection Grouting Needs

Walls and other surfaces naturally deteriorate after some time or unforeseen events. Still, damage doesn’t mean they automatically have to be taken down and replaced. You can choose options like Pu injection, which can be just as helpful as having new ones installed. 

We at Alpha Builders are well-equipped to care for your roofing, waterproofing, and repair needs. We consider our experience from being established in 2015 invaluable, and we use our knowledge in conjunction with our state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done efficiently and flawlessly. 

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