Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

Pipes are integral to our homes since they distribute water all over the house. While they are made of sturdy materials, they can still deteriorate over time, which might lead to leaks if not handled correctly. Luckily for you, pipe relining is one of the best solutions for this type of problem, and we at Alpha Builders can help you address these issues. 

Pipe relining is essentially a method of fixing pipes without needing to dig everything up and spend a lot of money. The traditional way of fixing pipes is costly and damaging to other areas of your home, which is what this method aims to avoid. 

Pipe relining is also particularly beneficial to residents of Singapore. With HDB flats being on the rise as of late, there needs to be a less invasive method of fixing pipelines just for them. It’s tricky and outright dangerous to try and dig up floorings of HDB flats, which is why this pipe-fixing method is a welcome addition. 

Another benefit that this method affords is the quickness of the whole process. Opting for a total overhaul of your piping, also known as pipe replacement, can take a long time to finish. It’s no secret that we want to fully utilise our homes and just get processes like these done with, and if you choose the relining method, the whole process is quick, easy, and efficient. 

How Pipe Relining is Done


Assessing the Damage 

The first step in any relining method is to determine the extent of the damage sustained by the pipes. In some cases, equipment like the electronic leak locator is used to get an idea of where to place the patch and which method works best. 

Cleaning the Pipes

Since the pipes have already been used, there are bound to be clogs or large particles. A robotic arm is used to get rid of these clogs, and once the bigger pieces have been cut, high-pressured water is run through the pipes in the hopes of flushing them down. 

Inserting the Resin

After inspecting the pipes one last time to ensure that they’re clean, a resin is inserted into them. The resin will act as the new inner layer of the pipes once they’re cured. But during this step, the challenge that installers face is how to fully cover the whole lining.

Curing Process

Once the resin has fully covered the entire length of the pipes, they can then be subjected to the curing process. There are different options available to the customers regarding the curing methods they want, and all of those methods are discussed below. You can also consult your installers regarding the best course of action for relining methods. 

Final Check

After the resin solidifies, all that’s left to do is check for rough or sharp spots on the newly built lining and fix them using the robotic arms. These minor adjustments will ensure a smooth structure and water flow for the customers. After these checks are done, the whole process is done, and you get to enjoy your new pipe system. 

Pipe Relining Methods

The view inside a pipe


UV Cured GRP Relining

UV cured GRP relining is a method that uses advanced technology, in this case, a UV light, to cure the water. The traditional way of curing the water after the relining is installed is to pump a lot of water within the pipe and heat it, but that is not the case if you use this method. 

One advantage of this relining method is that it saves you the trouble and the cost of turning on your water supply for an extended period while the curing is done. When heating the water, things can go awry if it is not regulated, and it might even damage the new lining instead of setting it in place. 

Heat Cured Thermosetting Resin

This method is the traditional way of solidifying resin inserted within the existing damaged pipes. The idea is to use a resin that reacts to heat so that when heat is applied to the water being run through the pipes, the resin will solidify and essentially form a new pipe within the existing one. 

Ambient Cure Polyester Resin

This relining method uses two to three different materials that, when combined, create a reaction and solidify. However, this relining method can only be used for small damaged spots on the pipes, not entire damaged segments. Time is another concern when using this method since the reaction between the materials is quick, it should also be quickly installed in the problem area. 


Alpha Builders is the Authority for Pipe Relining in Singapore


Having damaged pipes can be a pain not just for the house but also for the homeowners. It used to be that the whole piping system needs to be dug up in order to fix the damages, which means causing damage to other areas of your home, like your flooring, but with pipe relining, there’s no more need to dig the pipes up. 

We at Alpha Builders understand the complexities associated with pipe relining, and we are also the authority when it comes to roofing and waterproofing. Established in 2015, Alpha Builders use state-of-the-art equipment, and we couple those things with our invaluable experience in the field. 

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