What makes PU Grouting the best method?

Architectural or structural flaws may result from water leaking through slabs and walls. We follow the maxim “get it right the first time” because leak repair is frequently pricy and disruptive.

A waterproofing method known as polyurethane injection grouting involves expanding polyurethane that is injected into cracks or cavities in concrete to block the passage of water. When applied to the lower floor ceiling where the leak occurs or the underside of the seepage area, this is particularly effective at stopping water leaks. When polyurethane is injected into a structure’s fissures, the mixture will react, expanding and hardening. It prevents water from leaking via cracks and fractures in structural elements.

Over the past several years, PU injection grouting has grown in popularity and is thought to be the best way to stop water leaks. It has a long lifespan and is a very efficient way to fix water leaks. Polyurethane has a high adhesive quality that allows it to adhere firmly to surfaces made of concrete or cement.

A standard PU injection grouting procedure is:

Holes are bored through the surface of a wall, floor, or ceiling.

Through high-pressure equipment, grout is injected.

Grout swells to close the crack.

Once too much unreacted PU is seen emerging from the crack, the injection is deemed complete.

Covered and effectively sealed are any holes and cracks.

Common application areas:

  • Toilet, shower, and kitchen
  • Concrete roof
  • Balcony and patio
  • Basement, foundation, and retaining wall

PU Injection Grouting Benefits

A flexible polymer, polyurethane is used in industry for coating and insulating purposes. It is both a powerful adhesive and waterproofing substance. Polyurethane will defend well against membrane fractures and building motions that could impair waterproofing efficiency because it is flexible and robust.

Its high degree of elasticity makes it resistant to thermal expansion and damage brought on by exposure to sunlight. This makes it one of the best solutions for use on surfaces like balconies and roofs.

Due to its quick drying time and capacity to seal microscopic, difficult-to-see hairline fractures, it is also frequently employed to fix active leaks. Polyurethane repairs can be completed relatively quickly and without causing too much disruption to the work site because there is minor drilling, boring, or material damage. 

It is an affordable and comparatively clean solution. Furthermore, it requires little to no additional upkeep. It is not necessary to remove or demolish a structure or another construction. With the help of PU injection grouting, there is no longer any need to disturb the ground or destroy supporting structures.

Alpha Builders has employed this cutting-edge waterproofing method for many years. Numerous pleased customers have provided us with good feedback and comments throughout the years regarding our PU Injection grouting technology. Call us immediately for free advice on stopping water leaks using this non-hacking technique.

For All Your PU Injection Grouting Needs, Call Alpha Builders 

After some time or unanticipated circumstances, walls and other surfaces deteriorate naturally. Damage, however, does not necessitate that they are taken down and replaced. Options like PU injection can be just as beneficial as having new ones. Let Alpha Builders handle your PU Injection Grouting needs, contact us here.

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