Things to Note  When Cleaning Your Roof

Roof cleaning is typically the last thing on your to-do list because it is difficult and risky to undertake without the necessary experience. Furthermore, if done incorrectly, it can end up damaging your roof more than helping it. Alphabuilders is here to discuss the typical errors so you won’t have to pay a significant sum of money for repairs in the future.

Many households create their own method for having their roofs cleaned. DIY, as they call it, or “Do It Yourself,” can occasionally result in numerous errors and damages. People frequently do this to save money or simply to learn new abilities to perform the task for the family instead of employing professionals.

When it comes to cleaning a roof, there are additional steps to take. To complete it properly and avoid any problems, the correct tools and techniques are required.

When cleaning your roof, there are appropriate procedures or dos and don’ts to follow. Although some of you might believe there are no guidelines for cleaning roofs, this is untrue. Knowing how to properly clean your roof and the materials on it can help you avoid future mistakes that might cost you a lot of money. Knowing how to properly clean your roof can also help you avoid damaging any potential surrounding or adjacent areas.

Roof Cleaning Mistakes: Dos and Don’ts


1. Clean the roof with a garden hose and sprayer.

  • Hardware stores sell sprayers that can be purchased as a garden hose attachment. The solution is the trick of employing these. Water and chlorine bleach should be added to the garden hose in equal amounts. This method is particularly useful when cleaning roofs with asphalt shingles.
  • Let the water and bleach solution lie on the roof for at least 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with clean water. If you do this too soon, the solution may not have any impact.

 2. Clean with a long broom.

  • Use a long, soft broom to sweep up any hard-to-reach dirt or stains while making sure you are safe from falling or getting into any danger. Additionally, if there are large objects on the roof that need to be removed, employing a long broom can help you avoid having a difficult time doing so securely and with the least amount of problems.
  • When using the broom to sweep the roof, exercise caution to avoid using excessive force. Your roof shingles may be destroyed by excessive pressure.

3. When it’s cloudy, clean your roof.

  • Making the decision to clean your roof on a whim is a common cleaning roof mistake. This is undoubtedly incorrect. Cleaning your roof on a foggy day is preferable. Avoid cleaning your roof on days when there is a lot of wind. Cleaning the roof now could be risky and result in the possibility of falling from the top.

4. Hire an expert

  • Not only can hiring a pro roof washer to reduce hassle, but it also enables you to avoid potential blunders. These qualified roof cleaners are also knowledgeable about the right cleaning agents and tools to use, depending on the composition of your roof.
  • Another factor making it a better choice is safety. The advantage of hiring a cleaning professional to have your roof cleaned is not having to fear for your safety, although DIY cleaning is not as awful. These professionals are skilled and have plenty of experience when it comes to cleaning roofs.


1. Roof cleaning with a power washer

  • It is not advised to clean your roof using a pressure washer or power washer since there is a chance that the roof shingles could get loose or become damaged. The best recommendation is, to utilize sprayers, which have lighter pressure and can stop the shingles from coming off.

2. Cleaning while ascending roofs

  • Cleaning your roof is just as risky as stepping over the roof on an arbitrary day. Because of the algae, moss, or molds that are typically damp, the roof may be slick. Unnoticed dangerous materials, including rusty edges, fallen branches, bird feces, dried leaves, and sharp edges, may also be present on the roof in some cases, putting you at grave risk.
  • Remember that your roof might not be strong enough to support your weight as well. Examples include falling from the roof and causing significant damage that would be expensive to fix.

3. Roof cleaning during a sunny day

  • It is not advised to use a solution containing bleach on a sunny day. On an overcast day, bleach might not be as effective. It will quickly evaporate, which could reduce its cleaning power.
  • Cleaning outside is hazardous to your health, especially if you’re on a roof. Mostly to individuals who are susceptible to heat stroke or have limited heat tolerance.

Alphabuilders for Waterproofing Services

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning crew to take care of your roofs, pick a business that will undoubtedly deliver results and satisfaction.

Alphabuilders is a reputable waterproofing and coating business that has been offering consumers waterproofing services, including painting, ceiling waterproofing, roof waterproofing, and other general contract work.

Alphabuilders is one of the top waterproofing businesses in Singapore that specializes in different waterproofing solutions. A demonstration that it still manages to maintain professional services while continuing to produce work that is satisfying for its clients.

In terms of safety and getting the job done in one sweep, hiring a professional is really helpful. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood that any step required for roof cleaning would be missed. Contact Alphabuilders for your roof maintenance now!

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