Roof Construction in Singapore

Looking for experts in roofing? Alpha Builders is the only company you need. We are a group of experts from Singapore whose expertise ranges from installing new roofs to replacing gutters.

Come to us for all your roofing needs, whether you’re building a new house or company or bought a building requiring a total makeover. We offer premium roofing services, including the construction of new roofs. Call us if you need a brand-new roof, and we’ll see what we can do for you. As we talk about your expectations for the new top, we’re confident you’ll appreciate your options and what we have come up with.

Construction of a New Roof

Roof construction frequently takes less time and money than one may anticipate. Your new roof will be installed and secured quickly if the correct contractors are working on the project. Of course, everything relies on how big the project is and what kind of materials are utilised to build the rooftop you want. To help you preserve energy and keep living expenses down, we provide a variety of materials, including sheet metal, asphalt shingles, flat roof designs, and even solar solutions.

Building and Repair Services for Roofs

  • Changing damaged tiles
  • Re-pointing and re-bedding
  • flashing replacement or repair
  • replacement of the downspouts and gutters
  • fixing leaks
  • swapping out rusted sheets
  • repairing a metal roof’s missing screws or nails
  • treating superficial rust
  • Roofing Upkeep

A roof that is appropriately maintained outlives one that is not

The top is the most valuable component of your house; thus, claiming it is crucial to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. It is frequently observed that the rest of the building system soon follows once the roofing system fails. Therefore, maintaining your roof in top shape is crucial; if maintenance is necessary, it must be done correctly.

Several things require your immediate attention:

  • Hip re-pointing and ridge capping
  • Gutters
  • Resolutions with gaps
  • Cracked or slid roof tiles

We provide a complete selection of roofing services, such as regular inspections, roof repairs, gutter replacements, etc. We have a seasoned professional staff with in-depth knowledge and expertise in providing our clients with high-quality services and their continued happiness through long-term outcomes.

At Alpha Builders, we know what can be fixed and when a replacement is necessary. Our roof maintenance services include checking for any missing or cracked roof tiles, checking flashing, gutters, and downpipes, checking whether tiles need to be replaced, checking whether the ceiling needs to be reinsulated, checking the condition of the old cement mortar, checking the ridge capping, and checking for adequate ventilation.

Repairing and maintaining a roof considerably increases its lifespan and reduces the likelihood of structural problems. We will collaborate with you to maintain and repair your industrial, commercial, or residential roof in a way that is practical for your structure and within your spending limits. You may rely on us to provide top-notch services throughout Singapore.

Roof Cleaning

Is there unsightly, dense lichen and moss growth on your roof?

The unwelcome development of lichen, moss, algae, and stains on your roof not only detracts from the appearance and feel of your home but also prevents the rainwater from effectively draining off. Minor roof defects that permit water to enter the roof cavity and shorten the lifespan of your roof can also be concealed by them. When your roof has such issues, it’s necessary to enlist the aid of expert roof cleaning services.

With our skilled roof cleaning services, we can assist you. Our services benefit residential and commercial property owners who want to raise their properties’ overall cleanliness and value. Our expert roof cleaners are the best in the business, employ the best tools, and work environmentally responsibly.

We use various techniques, such as air blowing, power washing, and soft washing. Our courteous, skilled cleaners will restore your roof to new condition and remove the moss, lichen, and algae accumulation. You may relax knowing that your roof cleaning requirements are in capable hands.

To improve the appearance of your property, we will also remove ugly stains and other foreign matter deposits from the roof.

We recognise that the roof above your home is crucial in keeping you and your loved ones safe. You can be sure of a professional service with the highest care thanks to our extensive expertise in cleaning both business and residential roofs.

To learn more, contact Alpha Builders about our services today!

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