PU Injection Grouting VS Hacking

Cracks are a frequent home issue, but if they are not fixed, they can develop into more severe problems like leaks, which can seriously harm your house. You should choose the non-hacking technique of waterproofing if the hacking approach is not appropriate to handle the particular issue in your situation (for instance, when you want to preserve your flooring intact, especially when it costs a lot to upgrade). There are numerous options for resolving this problem. However, it’s critical to discover a remedy that will stay for a long time and stop other cracks from appearing. PU injection grouting for waterproofing is one potential choice. We will go into further detail about the distinctions between grouting and hacking.

PU Injection Grouting

A waterproofing method called PU grouting, also known as polyurethane injection or grouting, involves injecting polyurethane, a fluid resin, to stop water from leaking through cracks or openings in the concrete of building structures. In the industry, the process may go by several names, such as PU grouting, PU injection repair, PU waterproofing, and PU injection grouting, but the steps are the same, which might be confusing.

PU Injection Grouting is a method of waterproofing that includes mixing polyurethane. This combination will react when it is applied under pressure to the cracks in a structure, expanding and hardening as a result. It is used to prevent water from leaking via cracks and fractures in structural elements.

Once the tile you are installing has been set, grout is used to fill in the gaps between the tiles. This provides strength and rigidity to the tile installation by preventing dirt and other debris from seeping between and beneath the tile.


Before applying coating and material to stop all water leakage difficulties, surfaces like walls, slabs, etc. are hit with a hammer and chisel during the hacking process. It serves as an illustration of rebuilding an impacted area rather than simply covering it up.

When it comes to most water leakage situations, PU injection grouting appears to be preferable than hacking as a waterproofing technique. Hacking may be a useful strategy for resolving complex water concerns, thus we shouldn’t stray from it.


When choosing between PU grouting and hacking, PU grouting is the better option because it requires less work, is safer, and, most significantly, will save you a significant amount of money. It repairs quickly and doesn’t require you to tear down your walls or floor. Due to its low viscosity, it can expand and fill in microscopic gaps, preventing additional leaking. The resin keeps its flexibility after injection, permitting future movement in the structure while maintaining the gaps’ seal.

The advantages of this procedure are that it will never generate as much dust as the hacking method would, and there won’t be any disruption brought on by excessive noise. Another advantage of using this method is that the project may be completed in much less time, even in only one day. While hacking techniques are noisy, make large amounts of dust, and pose a potential risk of additional costs for new tiles and wall paint.

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After some time or due to unanticipated circumstances, walls and other surfaces deteriorate naturally. Damage, however, does not necessitate that they be taken down and replaced. Options like PU injection are available and can be just as beneficial as having new ones placed.
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