PU Injection Grouting Technique and Process

PU injection grouting, also known as polyurethane grouting, is a technique for filling joints, flooring, walls, and ceilings made of concrete that have gaps and cracks in order to stop water from seeping in.

In the procedure known as “PU Grouting Injection,” PU (polyurethane) resin is injected into the ground or into concrete fractures to fill them. This procedure is utilized for a number of things, including strengthening the structure and reducing water leaks. The relatively new technique of PU injection grouting has significant benefits over conventional grouting techniques. It may be used in a larger variety of applications and requires less time and labor.

Furthermore, PU grouting is superior at caulking cracks and stopping water leaks. Because of this, PU injection grouting has gained popularity as a material for numerous construction projects.

The following are some justifications for using PU Injection Grouting to help fix water leakage issues.

  • For the majority of leakage problems, injection grouting PU is the most effective fix.
  • In comparison to other techniques, injection grouting is a more affordable choice. It entails injecting resin—a substance that reacts chemically with water—into the damaged fissures or other places. This fills in the gaps between these fissures.
  • There is no need to cut through your floor, walls, or ceiling when using the most recent PU grouting technology.

PU Injection Grouting Technique

Inspection of Water Leaks

Utilizing waterproofing tools and expertise to investigate the potential for water leaks or other leaks in order to identify the root of leaks, fissures, or seepage.

Assessment and Repair of Leaks

Use the simplest repair method possible with the right injection grouting to stop water leaks.

Repair procedures

In order to fill in fractures and stop knocking or hacking, the PU injection grouting procedure is used to inject concrete, honeycombed concrete, soil pipes, pipe intrusions, and other voids.


With thorough inspection, ensure that the injection grouting used to halt leaks and waterproof structures is carried out appropriately.

Process of PU Injection Grouting


In the event of water loss, assess the affected leakage zone utilizing a grouting procedure using PU injection to prevent a recurrence. A site inspection and thermography technique are used to identify leakage sources.


The grouting nozzles are positioned at key locations to guarantee that grout is properly injected after determining the source of the water leakage issue. There must be no spaces between the touchpoints where water could escape or enter.


For the procedure of grouting PU injection, technicians will clean to make sure that no debris or other outside elements would interfere. Once the grout is injected into the troubled area to stop water leaks, dirt and dust will be cleaned out of the way.

PU Grout Injection

These packers contain grout to patch up holes and fissures. Further fixes and sealing will also be made using cement-based waterproofing material to strengthen the damaged region and stop water leakage.

When should the PU Injection Grouting Method be applied?

Customers want a hassle-free process and quick-acting, environmentally responsible waterproofing solutions for their homes or businesses. Due to its quick drying qualities and capacity to reach microscopic hairline cracks that go unseen by the human eye, the PU Injection grouting technique is frequently utilized to cure current leakages.

The primary cause of building cracks is water. The constant expansion and contraction brought on by the climate may cause cement and porous materials to become vulnerable to degrade over time.

It may result in damage to the structure or your property if cracks or holes are found in damp places. Therefore, the PU grouting process must be finished as soon as possible to prevent any future problems.

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