How to Fix Your Leakage Issue with PU Injections

Concrete hairline cracks are frequently the root of water leakage issues in residential and commercial structures.

PU injection (also known as Polyurethane Injection), a traditional hacking technique, is one widely utilised waterproofing technique. When employing PU Injections, contractors often drill a hole into the problematic region and then pump PU into the hole. To fill in these tiny gaps, the chemical composition in the injection is subsequently forced to expand and cover the walls or ceiling.

Consider it this way: Chair cushions are made of the same spongy material as PU. Before putting the substance into a pump machine, the chemicals used in PU injections are divided into two different solutions to be combined. Then, as the PU starts to react and expand, it is pumped into the ceiling.

Websites and social media platforms falsely promote this technique by stating that their whole approach is fast-drying, hacker-free, and completely clean.

Here is a brief comparison of Alpha Builder’s Waterproofing and traditional PU Injection techniques. However, when examining typical procedures used by most contractors, their assertions simply don’t hold up.

1. Drilling is required; no hacking is necessary!

Even though PU Injections are not a hacking technique, holes or scrapes must still be made in the wall or ceiling. Hammering and hacking produce less noise and fine dust than drilling, if not more. Please understand that when working on PU Injections, a contractor first learns how to drill a hole into the affected area. More specifically, you’ll learn how to create a 45° angled hole through the location of the suspected crack that will later be filled with PU.

Alpha Builders is certain that any homeowner or business owner should only use hacking techniques as a last resort for their establishments. This is why drilling or hacking are unnecessary when using Alpha builders waterproofing! Instead, we created our solution to cover even the tiniest hairline gaps on any surface, preventing additional harm.

2. The repair process may take a long time to finish.

The trouble with the PU Injection method is that drilling, grouting, sealing, and cleaning are all lengthy processes. The entire process will require some time and patching up if there are any unanticipated problems. After drilling, the contractor will fill the hole with polyurethane using a high-pressure injection grouting machine. At this point, you will see extra polyurethane leaking from the hole downward.

The contractor will clean up and fully seal the injected area if there are no further leaks. Our prior consumers complained that it took up to 2 WEEKS for the spilt and solidified polyurethane to be adequately removed and cleaned up. Between the two weeks, they discovered a reoccurring moist patch, which required them to drill and re-inject the problematic location. Unfortunately, either excessive rain or shoddy construction might cause a moist spot. If you’re unlucky, a poorly executed PU Injection can result in a persistent water leak that continues even after numerous patches for MONTHS.

However, drilling is unnecessary, and the Alpha Builders Waterproofing solution can be finished in as little as 24 to 48 hours. This includes setting up the workspace, applying the keys, waiting for them to dry, and cleaning up.

3. Polyurethane is a known respiratory toxin.

Homeowners must know that the polyurethane technique, based on petroleum, might leak dangerous gasses into the atmosphere when applied. In reality, wet polyurethane fumes have been linked to asthma attacks and problems with the eyes, throat, and skin. It is, therefore, unwise to expose young infants to these fumes. 

Alpha Builders ensures that our work products are secure for your home, workplace, or other establishments rather than posing a health risk to our clients. This is because our Alpha Builders waterproofing solution is made of a non-toxic substance that doesn’t release harmful chemicals. Therefore, you are still welcome to watch us work while you are there!

4. It requires a thorough cleaning because it’s unkempt and filthy.

You’ll have to cope with the hazardous chemicals, drilling noises, and unsightly drying times and with the potential that some stains won’t come out. When you first enter a room, you will probably discover PU Injections’ imprints on the walls or ceiling. Imagine dealing with the process and finding paint dots over your furniture after all your effort!

Our specialists follow a strict SOP that keeps your property clean and orderly and makes minimal noise. Before and after the procedure, the work area must be cleaned, and our supervisor must conduct a final check. A money-back guarantee backs our solutions if they don’t solve your water leakage issues! If you’re unsatisfied, neither are we.

5. Plaster ceilings are not a good candidate for PU injections.

Homeowners who have plaster ceilings should be aware that their contractor will have to drill a hole large enough for them to access the buried concrete ceiling in homes with plaster ceilings.

The entire process leaves an extensive and lengthy hole in the ceiling and a lot of dust and dirt. And to make matters worse, most contractors will just patch up the holes or cracks they created. This problem is much more of an eyesore in older homes because the plaster around the damage must have developed a cream colour, making it very clear that repair has been done.

Additionally, we’d like to point out that we successfully resolved several water leakage concerns resistant to traditional waterproofing techniques like PU Injection. Numerous customers have observed that our on-site SOP is a hassle-free, hack-free, non-toxic solution they had been searching for.

Still, searching for the ideal answer to your water leakage issue?

The satisfaction-guaranteed solution you’ve been searching for to address your water leaking concerns hack-free, non-toxic, and dust-free manner is here at Alpha Builders. Before, during, and after our rectification work, Alpha Builders Experts keep your premises neat and orderly by adhering to a strict on-site SOP. This is because our water-based solution can waterproof your floors in as little as 24 to 48 hours and only requires our specialists to apply it!

Don’t put off fixing your water leakage issue for too long! Fix the problem before your house sustains more harm! Send us a note to learn more about what we can do to assist you in solving your water leakage issues. 

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