Does Your Roof Need Waterproofing?

One crucial element of your house is the roof since it protects you from various harmful elements, including intense UV rays, rain, and even strong winds. Nevertheless, it is rarely given much thought daily and is occasionally taken for granted.

In reality, very few of us think about the specifics that need to go into the roof of our homes; instead, we leave such work to the initial contractor. Therefore, we might not comprehend the significance of the waterproofing components and systems on your roof.

The Need for Roof Waterproofing

To the casual observer, your roof appears composed of robust, sturdy materials like concrete or metal. As a result, you wouldn’t often consider its capacity to resist water. Water can penetrate practically any substance; hence this would not be scientifically correct. If this is the case, rainwater will eventually penetrate your roof without waterproofing solutions.

Flexibility of Water

Once the water has breached your roof, it poses a severe threat because of its mobility. To begin with, it is pretty mobile because it can pass through any openings in your home’s construction as moisture or water droplets. As a result, water will probably be able to travel through the materials, regardless of the size of their pores.

Second, capillary forces that draw it in all directions, including upwards, are what push it. In that instance, no area inside your house would be secure from water seepage.

Water Dangers

It’s interesting to note that water alone doesn’t directly endanger your home. And instead, it has an indirect impact on your home by producing a damp or moist climate. These concealed areas in your home are not illuminated, creating an ideal environment for mould growth or mildew.

Your home’s structural stability is eaten away at and damaged by these mold and mildew. Yellowish or brownish stains and flaking paint indicate mold growth on your walls or ceiling surfaces. If the problem isn’t fixed right away, there’s a chance that a hole could develop, and trapped water will flow into your home’s interior.

In the worst situation, portions of the surface can crack and crumble. This circumstance is highly undesirable because there is a chance that anyone nearby could sustain significant harm.

Interrupting Electrical Circuits

The risk of short circuits is less frequently mentioned due to water leaks. Electrical wiring and electronics are typically buried behind walls or ceilings in houses resulting in water entering these concealed areas to come into contact with the live wires. Water, a great conductor of electricity, results in a short circuit. After then, your home’s circuit breaker will trip to safeguard it, but in doing so, it will also cause a blackout.

The Best Roof Waterproofing Contractor in Singapore

As a process that depends on precision and synergy, roof waterproofing would suffer if any of the various components cannot perform their duties effectively. Alpha Builders is the best roofing contractor to choose from for all of your roof waterproofing requirements. For assistance, contact us now.

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